Computer simulation is a well established technology applied to both system design and process improvement. Computer simulation modelling involves building a model of a machine, process or a whole system using specialised software tools such as the simulation modelling system. This model will respond to given inputs much as would be expected in the real world. Using it one can "experiment" testing various ideas and options to get an understanding of how the real system would behave in certain situations. It can be used to establish mobile equipment requirements, size infrastructure Aerospace & Aviation, Automotive & Automobile, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals & Petro-Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Energy Power & Utilities, Consumer Products,Defense & Security, Engineering, Construction, and Operations Maintenance, Medical Simulation & Healthcare, Life Sciences, High Technology, Higher Education & Research, Industrial Machinery & Components, Banking, Insurance, Professional Services, Retail & , Wholesale Distribution, Theme Park, Railways,Transportation & Logistics, trial new control strategies or to see how the system will perform at different loads or product mix.

Using a realistic animation can quickly and easily be added. This allows decision makers to see the model in action, giving confidence in its accuracy as well as an understanding of the dynamics of the system being modelled. It is very much a matter of seeing your ideas in action. In short, simulation permits better decision-making by giving managers the ability to explore options and "try out" proposals before making any real commitment.

We are experienced modelling & simulation professionals.

Working with our clients, we use computer modelling to solve problems and explore ways to improve the efficiency of plant, equipment and people. Computer simulation allows you to experiment with the design or operation of your facility before you make changes to it or before you build it in the first place. An animated simulation model lets you see how your various options will work and thoroughly analyse performance before you make a commitment. You can then go ahead and invest your capital with confidence - certain you've got the best solution. You can be certain that you've avoided costly mistakes and that you know exactly how your facility will perform.

Whatever business you are in, we can help you make informed decisions. We can give you a competitive advantage.